My husband and I recently took a trip to Seattle and as soon as I landed I fell in love with the Emerald City! My husband has been working on a project there, and he wanted me to come out and sight- see with him for the long Fourth of July weekend! The first day he had to work so I went exploring and found myself shopping (I don’t know how that happened). Later on that day we took the monorail to the Space Needle. We unfortunately didn’t go up, but the ride there was so fun, and beautiful. We walked around the grounds and I treated this pregnant belly to some cotton candy! It was seriously the perfect day and the weather that entire weekend was amazing! The locals kept telling us we came at the “best time!”





The next day we took a ferry to Bainbridge, which is an island a few miles from Seattle. Again, the weather was delightful! It’s the sweetest little place with shops and restaurants. We actually ended up at a Thai restaurant of all places, and it was delicious! When we returned to Seattle we went to Pike Place Market! Most people visit to see the fish market, but hello, I needed to see the famous, GUM WALL! (Located next to the market).  It’s a touristy trap, but so worth it, and it smells minty fresh (gross)! They recently cleaned all the gum off the brick walls to see if there had been any damage from years and years of bubble gum. But, we overheard a tour guide telling tourist it was covered the next day! If you do decide to go, don’t be a fool like me and just pick any wall to take your pic. The actual gum wall is about three walls in (Google it!)
That evening we did the Underground Tour  (click the link if interested), which taught us some of the history of Seattle. We learned that the city rebuilt on top of itself after the Great Fire of 1889. CRAZY! We also found out where the word “skid row” came from, and because we took the night tour we learned about the booming business of prostitution during that time! AWESOME! The tour was an hour, and if you’re over 21 you get a free drink (BONUS if you’re not pregnant.)
The third day we went back to Pike Place Market to get flowers to take to our hosts in Bellingham (2 hours North and way worth the trip!). The flowers there are the most beautiful and inexpensive I have ever seen! I seriously wanted to buy them all. We went with a patriotic bouquet like the one you see here, and it was only $15 and HUGE! We rented a car and drove out a few miles to Kerry Park overlook to take one last skyline picture. Seriously a must- see if you’re ever in the Seattle area. It was so clear, and beautiful. Then we headed North to Bellingham for the Fourth of July!
One thing to note about my husband and me is we are not the adventurous type! We are city- slickers through and through which is strange because we both grow up in Arizona camping and hiking. We stayed with the parents of one of my husband’s best friends growing up. When we drove up, we were in awe of the fresh air, and their beautiful house located right on the lake! They had all the stuff you need to have fun outdoors: kayaks, boats, paddle boards, etc… it was insane! We decided to take a kayak out on the water and Nick paddled while I took these selfies haha. Needless to say we didn’t get far, but it felt so invigorating being on the lake with baby in my belly and my husband!
We spent the next few days eating, boating, hiking, eating, and eating! Martha is the most incredible host and hates left overs so we ate and ate, or should I say I ate and ate! I could not get full the entire time, I  was ravenous (pregger probs) I even ate more than my husband.  My most memorable night of the whole trip was the Fourth, where they cooked a shrimp boil (seriously the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten in my entire life)! Then watched the fireworks right off their dock! It was the best day EVER and I did not want it to end.
I wanted to keep my style very nautical and patriotic the entire trip so I packed all the stripes, and red that I had in my closet! As always, everything I wore was UNDER $50! I hope you enjoyed this post and would love to hear your favorite places to see in Seattle, as we will definitely be going back soon!