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California has been getting so much rain and snow this year, that my husband and I decided to pack up and head to Mammoth to hit the slopes. When I say hit the slopes, I mean I literally “hit the slopes” because I am the WORST skier in the world. I have tried skiing a million times but can’t seem to get the hang of it. My husband on the other hand is an expert snowboarder and lives for this time of year!

So I decided last minute that instead of falling on my ass all day on the mountain, I would instead shop, and drink in the village (which was ironic because I took the biggest fall on ice-OUCH!) Mammoth is one of our favorite places to go! It has the sweetest little village, restaurants and shops.

I love putting together looks for weekend trips, but I hate coming home and unpacking! So I decided to pack LESS, in the hopes I still had enough to look FABULESS! I packed very minimal: only two pairs of black fleece leggings, two sweaters, two jackets, and fun winter accessories!


I love these fur earmuffs my sister got me for Christmas! (linked below)




This jacket is now on sale at H&M for $40! (linked below)



hmprod.jpeghmprod-1.jpeg    hmprod-2.jpeg           Unknown.jpeg


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