Monday Motivation


Let’s be honest, if you are a stay-at– home employee, it can be real tough to get dressed, and beautified. And honestly why would you get all dolled up for the mail man? One of the best things about working from home is you can do it in your coffee stained PJ’s with not a stitch of makeup on, and heck no one would even care if you brushed your teeth that day (gross, but I am the first to admit I have done this).  I have listed some tips, and tricks that will help give you that excitement of dressing for the office without the hassle of that annoying commute.

Drink out of a cute coffee mug!do great things .jpg

Coffee Mug

Whether you drink coffee, or tea, there are so many fun and inspirational coffee cups out there it can be hard to choose. They are also very versatile and can be used to hold your pens, making it a great accent piece for your home office.

Pick your clothes out the night before (NO MORE PAJAMAS) unnamed.jpg

Just like you did when you were in grade- school, picking your clothes the night before will make you feel like you have somewhere to be, and people to see. A casual outfit will help you feel more productive, even if you’re siting comfortably at home. I love working in either an oversized sweater, or a fun OTS top! I also like to wear color. A little pop of color goes a long way, and will help you feel energized throughout the day! (HEY! That rhymes!)

Do your hair! (No makeup required)hair.jpg

Brushing your hair is like brushing your teeth– it will motivate you to get your day going. (I promise!) When you feel good about how you look, not only will it make you feel more productive, it will help set the tone for the rest of the day–TRUST ME!

Find the brightest room in the househome.jpg

Sometimes it’s hard to get motivated if you haven’t stepped outside and experienced the morning rush. However finding a well lit room can be just as effective, and for me it’s my living room. Find a spot with some sun, it will help charge you for the day and sure beats a cubicle!

Get out! Make a coffee or lunch date- with yourself!  coffee pic.jpg

Give yourself a place to go at least once a week. This will help break up the monotony of feeling like you’re a caged working animal. Make a work meeting for yourself, set the deadline and agenda– this will help you work towards milestone each week.

Hope these little tips will help you feel more productive, and motivated for the weeks to come!


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