Palm Springs & Palm Trees

Staycations have become our new favorite vacations, and this weekend’s was my favorite! As a kid I remember driving to Disneyland from AZ and being mesmerized by the giant windmills in Palm Springs. Never did I imagine having a romantic weekend there some odd years later! But I can honestly say we had the best time staying at The Parker Palm Springs. From the moment you walk into the hotel you feel like you have been transported back to the 60’s with all the vintage looking decor! The rooms were minimal and modern, with touches of Jonathan Adler throughout.


Planning a trip is one of my favorite things, but planning my outfits is on a whole other level! I always check instagram for inspiration, looking at the destination’s tags to get the vibe.IMG_9976

This weekend I challenged myself to pack only 1 pair of shoes and wear the same accessories with every outfit! I can honestly say operation pack minimal was a success, and I actually wore everything I brought (which never happens due to over packing!) I also accessorized the scarf you see in the picture three different ways, which was super fun to style. BEST $14 ever spent! Every outfit you see is under $100!













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