Fall Florals!

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Hello Blogging Universe, sorry it’s been so long since my last post. My latest project has been transitioning all my spring and summer wardrobe to fall (groundbreaking, I know!). But let’s be honest, how many of us want to run out and go shopping for the latest fall trends, I know I do! But, before you spend a pretty penny, go through your wardrobe and ask yourself these questions, and follow these simple tips:


1.) Can I wear this floral crop top with a sweater or jacket?

2.) Would this summer dress look cute with boots?

3.) Can I wear this jean skirt with a chunky sweater?

4.) Do I already have this color sweater in the back of my closet?

5.) Are these florals too summery i.e. too colorful for fall/winter?

** Prints to stay away from*

Palm Trees ( I know these were big for summer, but try not to throw them into your fall wardrobe!) Sunflowers, and bright colors


1.) Unless it’s still 100 degrees where you’re from, aka- LA, then it’s time to put your cut-off shorts away!

2.) The 70’s are back in a BIG way, so time to go out and get some bell-bottoms if you don’t already have them! They look great on every body type and help elongate the legs if you find the right cut, I promise!

3.) Time to move those neon colors you wore to Cabo to the back of the closet.

 4.) Don’t disregard light clothing, as you can layer it throughout the season.

5.) Time to pull down your hats, scarves and boots, and make inventory as to what colors and styles you already may have!

Florals 2

Dress: H&M (Shop Similar) | Shoes: Franco Sarto ($44.99) | Bag: Aldo Shoes (Shop Similar)

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