One Dress- Three Ways!

stripe three way

I’m such a huge fan of getting multiple uses out of my clothes. I love being able to wear an item in as many ways as possible. Not only is it a budget friendly way to shop, it’s also a fun way to be creative with your wardrobe. This season, stripes were a HUGE fashion staple, and I was ANA HUNT to find the perfect striped dress. What I love about stripes is that they can be worn all year long!  I was looking for a form- fitting dress to fit under a skirt, and found it at Marshall’s for $19! Each one of these looks are under $100.

Below I have listed three questions I ask myself before making a purchase.

1.) Do I already have something similar in my closet already? i.e. another striped dress

2.) Is it versatile/ Can I dress it up or down?

3.) Is it a transitional piece? Will it only be worn for one season, or can I wear it all year long?

I hope these questions help you, as much as they do me!

X- A

[Yasmin Sarai Photography]

striped dress 5 striped dress 4 striped dress 3

 stripe sress1striped dress 2striped dress 6

 hat striped  hat striped 2

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